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Congrats to my assistant!

Congratulations to my assistant, Karen Bruce, for adding the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation to her real estate license! The SRES designation indicates completion of a class that provides additional training to help clients ages 50+ to accomplish their real estate needs. It includes understanding of how to age in place, aspects of downsizing, how trusts or 1031 exchanges may be involved, and so much more. I am excited for Karen to bring this knowledge to my business so we can better serve our clients now and in the future! Please reach out and let me know how we can help you! My cell is 906-236-3750. 

Why You Should Get a Home Inspection


Once you find a house you like and get an accepted offer, it is time to schedule a home inspection! A home is likely your biggest asset, and while you may feel you have a “good eye” for potential problem areas, spending a few hundred dollars on a home inspection now could save you thousands down the road.

Inspections are relatively inexpensive. Looking at the big picture, the cost of getting a good quality inspection is pennies on the dollar compared to the ultimate health of your home. You will receive a huge report covering an all-encompassing examination that itemizes every detail of the workings of your home. Most inspectors use software that produces reports which are very detailed and photographic evidence for any of the problem areas of the property. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Inspections can provide peace of mind. Buying a home can be stressful enough and not finding out what the true condition of your new purchase really is can only add to your stress. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your home is so much better than not knowing, thus giving you more peace of mind.

An inspection allows for you to get an education on your biggest investment. Home inspectors can be a great educational resource who can give you tips for maintenance and repair advice that could save you tons of money in the future.

An inspection can uncover potential safety issues. Many times, the things that could negatively affect you and your family the most in a home are issues that you can’t readily see on the surface. A home inspection can bring to light problems such as faulty wiring, mold, radon, carbon monoxide, and structural issues.

An inspection can give you a timeline for budgeting maintenance costs. Everything in and on your home has a “shelf life”.  Your home inspector will be able to give you an approximate age of major components allowing you to budget for down the road.

I always recommend buyers get a home inspection, but I would be happy to connect you to fantastic home inspectors at any time!

UP200 is coming up!


The UP200 is a 230 mile sled dog race with 12-dog teams that will be held February 14-16, 2020. If you have never watched the Friday night start in downtown Marquette on Washington St, it is completely worth it! It is a fun, family friendly event that kids and adults of all ages will love! The mushers are amazing athletes that know their dogs well and have been training for this race for a long time. Come out and support them and cheer them on as they head off into the night. The Midnight Run also begins Friday night in downtown Marquette. This is a 90 mile race made of 8-dog teams. On Saturday, February 15, head to Gwinn to watch the Jack Pine 30, which is a 26 mile race with 6-dog teams. 

If you aren't available on Friday night (which is also Valentine's Day), head down to Lower Harbor in Marquette to watch the UP200 Finish on Sunday, February 16. What a great way to celebrate these teams and their accomplishments! 

Check out for more information!

Winter is a GREAT time to sell!


Many people have a false belief that winter is not a good time to sell a home. However, the stats show otherwise! 

  • Winter listings are 9% more likely to sell.
  • Winter listings sell one week faster than houses sold in other seasons.
  • Winter listings sell for 1.2% more money than listings sold in other seasons.

Why is that? Well, buyers who are active in the winter are serious buyers! They are on the lookout for the right house and are serious about making a move when they find the home they like. These stats are nationwide, so I felt it was important to look at our area specifically. For the month of January 2020, the city of Marquette has seen 11 new listings. Of those listings, three are already pending and three others have only been on the market for four days (two of which have had over 10 showings in the four days they have been on the market and likely will be pending soon). The city of Negaunee has seen only one new listing in the month of January and it was pending within two days of being listed. The city of Ishpeming has seen six new listings in the month of January and three of them are already pending (and one other has only been on the market four days). So yes - the stats hold up locally as well! 

Now is a GREAT time to sell! We are working with several buyers who are pre-qualified and ready to write an offer when they find the right house. If you have been considering listing your house, call me today! 906-236-3750

Noquemanon Ski Marathon This Weekend!


This weekend (Jan. 25-26) is the annual Noquemanon Ski Marathon here in Marquette! This is a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the amazing trail system that this area has to offer. Saturday's events include the 50K, 24K, 15 Mile, 12K, and Adaptive/Sit Ski. If those events aren't your cup of tea, Sunday's events include the 20K Snow Bike, 5K Snowshoe, 10K Snowshoe, 8.5K Skijor (1 dog), and 8.5K Skijor (2 dogs). Sunday's events can be registered for as late as race day. 

If you aren't interested in participating, it still is a great opportunity to get out with people and cheer on those involved. Help support this great event in our community!

Lantern Snowshoe Hike

Powell Township Parks and Recreation has announced the Thomas Rock trail can be used for snowshoeing! They are holding a kick-off Lantern Event on Saturday, January 18, 2020 from 6:00PM-8:00PM. They are having a bonfire and will have hot dogs and hot chocolate in the parking lot. Lanterns will light up the trail up to the overlook for a mid-winter night-time excursion! The trail is about a half mile round trip and should take about a half hour to complete. This is a family-friendly trail and event and a great way to get your entire family enjoying the winter outdoors!

Moving with Pets


For most people, their pets are a part of their family. It's important to take care of them when moving also! If you own pets and your house is listed for sale, it is most likely going to be recommended that you get the pets out of the house during showings. This sometimes can be easier said than done depending on work schedules, but communicate with your agent the times that would be easiest for you to accommodate showings. Agents will understand and will hopefully encourage their buyers to view your house at a time that is most convenient for you.

In terms of actually moving with pets, sometimes pets can get anxiety when they see boxes or things changing around their current house. New environments can be scary for pets also. Here are five tips for success when moving with pets:

  1. Prepare an "overnight kit" that has enough dog food, kitty litter, toys, or whatever is needed to sustain your pet and keep them comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.
  2. If you are moving out of the area, contact your vet and take your pet's records with you. Perhaps they can even recommend a new vet in the area you are moving to.
  3. Try to keep your pets away from the action as much as you are able. Check in on them regularly and keep their eating schedule on track. Having a sense of routine in the midst of changes will help significantly.
  4. Take your pet in your vehicle. If your pet is used to traveling with you in your vehicle, don't change that routine! If they are moved in a different vehicle it can increase their anxiety.
  5. Update their info! After you move, make sure their tags or microchip information is set to your new address and phone number.
Taking care of your pets will help make your move smoother and easier!

Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home? If so, have you checked the batteries recently? Just like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are important to have in your home. Here are some myths and facts to help you understand why it is so important.

MYTH: Carbon monoxide can be smelled when the furnace is on.

FACT: Carbon monoxide is actually colorless, tasteless, AND odorless. 

MYTH: Carbon monoxide is heavier than air, so CO detectors should not be placed on the ceiling or high on the wall.

FACT: CO is slightly lighter than air. However, studies have shown no significant difference in measurements based on what height CO detectors are mounted.

MYTH: Carbon monoxide is not dangerous.

FACT: CO poisoning is the most common type of fatal indoor air poisoning in countries where cooking and heating is still dominated by fires. More than 500 Americans die each year from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning.

MYTH: Carbon monoxide poisoning is like any other kind of poisoning.

FACT: CO bonds to hemoglobin, and instead of carrying oxygen the hemoglobin is then occupied with CO - creating carboxyhemoglobin. CO poisoning is actually the result of the head and heart not receiving sufficient oxygen... or asphyxiation.

MYTH: Carbon monoxide detectors are in perfect working order if they beep when the test button is pushed.

FACT: Gas sensors in CO alarms have a limited lifespan, generally less than 6 years. The test button on common CO alarms only tests the battery, not the CO gas sensor.

Installing a CO alarm is a low-cost way of significantly reducing your risk of CO poisoning. Protect yourself and your family today! For more information, visit

Do You Know How to Spot Fake Emails?


Just because an email has the look and feel of a company you're familiar with, it doesn't mean it is legitimate. Here are some things to check before you click:

  1. From: Is the sender's email from a suspicious domain or have an odd spelling? Does the sender appear to be from a company or service you have no business relationship with? Is the email unexpected or unusual? Do you have an uncomfortable gut feeling?
  2. To: Was it CC'd to multiple people that you personally don't know or an unusual mix of people?
  3. Subject: Does it use a subject line that is irrelevant or inconsistent with the message content? Is it a reply to something you never sent or requested?
  4. Content: Does the seller ask you to click on a link or open an attachment to avoid a negative consequence? Does the email contain odd grammar or spelling errors?

Resist the urge to click! Instead of clicking on links, hover over them to see the actual URL, then switch to your browser and go to a company's website directly. All attachments can potentially be dangerous! Make sure any attachments you open are from someone you know and trust. Also, be careful not to trust an email's display name, logo, or graphics, even if it is from a trusted company. It's easily spoofed. Instead, check the actual email address.

Student Loan Debt Crisis


While debt is a problem facing many Americans, student loan debt is the biggest factor holding millennials up in their ability to purchase a home. Mortgage debt is still the vast majority of overall consumer debt, but it is not growing nearly at the rate that student loan debt is growing at. According to, since 2009 mortgage debt increased 3.2% while student loan debt grew 102%. That is an astronomical increase! 

Many millennials desire to purchase homes but are delaying home ownership in an effort to pay down, or pay off, student loans. We have many lenders in the area who work with buyers wishing to purchase a home but need to maintain an appropriate debt-to-income ratio. If you or someone you know desires to purchase a home but is struggling with student loan debt, give me a call today and I will help direct you to lenders who might be able to help. In the meantime, we can start looking for the home you desire!

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